Alternative Paths, Inc. - Your Partner In Business
Employees occasionally have problems, be it 
with performance, co-workers, or at home. That applies 
to executives, hourly workers, and everyone in 

Alternative Paths' organizational services-- executive 
coaching, employee assistance (EAP), and organizational 
consulting-- provide a comprehensive framework for 
strengthening your human resources. If you want to keep 
your team and employees as productive as possible,  
consider Alternative Paths.
Company Profile
Established in 1983, Alternative Paths, Inc. offers Coaching, Organizational Consultation, 
Employee Assistance Programs and much more. We stand out in our field with an experienced  
staff, programs that are completely customized, and a commitment to adding value to 
organizations. We chose our company name, Alternative Paths, because we know that an  
organization's ability to accomplish its strategic aims requires effectively moving down a variety  
of paths. We work closely with management looking for root causes of problems, and developing 
processes that well strengthen the organization in the future.