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Alternative Paths, Inc. brings a system's view to the organization. Our three-core services are designed to provide an integrated response to ensure an organization's performance.
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Organizational Consultation
                                                                                        Alternative Paths, Inc. brings extensive experience to carrying out
a variety of organizational consulting activities. Our four-step
process is designed to create an effective partnership with the
organization that will bring about a positive result.  

                        Application of individual and 
organizational level assessments to define 
and clarify the objectives for the consultation.

                  Development of a consultation 
work plan that lays out the specific steps 
and processes to meet the consultation 

                    Delivery of consultation services.

                  Post-consultation review and 
feedback to assess results and define a 
plan for future action to ensure ongoing 

Types Of Services
                                                                                                                              to improve relationships and
 communication between employees.
                                               to provide real-time
feedback for work groups.
                                            through structured
Team Building-
Process Consultation-
Skills Development-
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