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Alternative Paths, Inc. brings a system's view to the organization. Our three-core services are designed to provide an integrated response to ensure an organization's performance.
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"Alternative Paths has
helped us in many
ways, from executive
coaching to specific
 managerial performance
development to
reclaiming of key
employees potentially
lost to addictive
substances. They are
direct, helpful and very

Dave Welch, Vice
President, Houston Region

Executive Coaching
As executives and managers face the challenge of ever-changing demands,
an outside coach can be a a valuable asset. Through coaching, the executive
can learn how to perform more effectively and develop new skills necessary
in today's organizations. The coaching process helps executives clarify both
their goals within the organization and their personal goals. 
Alternative Paths, Inc. bring experience and a proven process to the
coaching it provides:

Assessment including use of the Birkman inventory
and 360 feedback.

Shadowing the individual to evaluate team and
interpersonal skills.

Constructive feedback back to strengthen skills 
and performance.

Evaluation and follow-up to bring about sustained 
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