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Alternative Paths, Inc. brings a system's view to the organization. Our three-core services are designed to provide an integrated response to ensure an organization's performance.
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Employee Assistance

"Alternative Paths offers highly professional EAP services at a cost
small companies can afford. To those
managers who can't justify EAPs I
would say people are a company's
most valuable asset. When the roof
leaks you fix it. It stands to reason
you'd help an employee with a
problem, too. I've seen API programs transform peoples’ lives for the
Larry Rysavy, VP, Third Coast Packaging

Over the years thousands of employees and managers
have let us know that the services we offer are highly
valued. We have helped keep senior managers on the
job by addressing substance abuse problems, eased
the trauma of work-related deaths, and helped
employees deal with emotional problems affecting their
Traditional EAP Services                     Other Consulting Services
                                             We help with
every sort of problem--marriage and family,
anger management, alcohol and substance
abuse, emotional difficulties, as well as legal
and financial issues.

appropriate, our therapists work with
employees to solve problems that can be
addressed within a few sessions. 

Provide employees and supervisors with
orientation training on how to effectively use
the EAP.

companies in addressing work-place
traumas such as a work-related death.
Assesment And Referral:
Executive Coaching:
                                     API can strengthen
the performance of your employees through
our coaching and customized training

We know that a systems-based approach is
most effective, so we look at everything that
affects performance and productivity.

                                                  API will be
at your side if there is a threat of violence, a
significant organizational change such as
layoffs, or a merger.
Short Term Problem Resolution:
Intra-Organizational Conflict Resolution:
Behavior Risk Management:
Employee And Supervisor Orientation:
Trama-Related Serivces:
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