Consumer Reviews
I have worked with Marilyn Rumsey over the past twenty-eight years. I have never worked with a brighter, kinder, more caring, smart counselor, talented business & people manager and hard worker than Marilyn. I have met with Marilyn in both social and business opportunities. She has provided counseling, coaching and service in behavioral health to a grand variety of groups, corporations and individuals. What I respect most of all, is her sincerity and dedication to assist persons who are enduring difficult times. She knows how to help change the ambiance of any situation. She inspires. She has a special charisma. Most of all, she lives the values that she teaches, and goes “above and beyond” in her work with employees and their families. I highly recommend Marilyn and will gladly share my experiences and beliefs of her abilities to any company, organization or person considering working with her. 

Larry Stockman, Ph.D., CEAP 
NuHealth EAP International, LLC 

“Despite my initial reluctance and skepticism, I implemented the recommendations and skills presented. As a result, I have seen measurable change in how I interact with staff and how the staff interacts with me. This has improved the overall efficiency of our organization and reduced the work stress level.” 

Craig S. Beskid 
Executive Director 
Mickey Leland National Urban Air
Toxics Research Center 

“What intrigued me the most about her unique set of skills was the combination of corporate coaching along with psychiatric counseling…a skill set that separates Marilyn from many corporate coaches that are available to industry…We will continue to use Marilyn as opportunities arise.” 

Guido Piggott 
Former President & CEO 
Central Bank 

“I have found your work, either providing direct coaching to individuals, including myself or when working with my team as a collective always “moved the ball forward.” You bring the tools the table necessary to achieve success… I can also affirm that many of the individuals that you have worked with are in positions of more senior authority and are making very strong individual and leadership contribution to BP.” 

Kevin Hostler  
Former President 
BP Exploration Company (Columbia), Ltd 

“Coaching from Marilyn taught me how to;  
  • Use the expertise of people in the team,  
  • Use questioning to encourage people through their own thought processes,  
  • Motivate teams and individuals,  
  • Develop ownership and accountability, 
  • Deal with defiance,  
  • Use follow-up to develop trust,  
  • Understand and work with senior managers. 
Most of all Marilyn taught me how to deal with any situation no matter how much of a crisis, or how complex the detail. I am happier than I have ever been in my career.”  

Simon Robinson 
Health and Safety Team Leader,  
BP Exploration; Wytch Farm, UK. 

“Marilyn has a way of gaining trust and helping us begin identifying how the decisions we make in life affect us. She taught us how to take responsibility for our behavior and helped facilitate the words we need to say to each other to get beyond the past and begin dealing with present. We found that we could say the things that were in our heart in a way that did not hurt each other. We came to understand that we really wanted many of the same things, we just saw them differently and that’s okay. The peace in my life today is due in large measure to the help Marilyn Rumsey has given me and my family. I recommend her without reservation.” 

Mike Clawson 
(Sibling group consultation) 

“Marilyn’s analysis of our business and family situation was so accurate I knew she could facilitate the decision making process my brothers and I faced. She very effectively helped us develop a strategy for the business in conjunction with an appropriate transition for our parents. It quickly occurred to us that we should have brought her in 10 years ago.” 

Yvonne Huegel 
(Family business consultation) 

“Marilyn quickly established rapport and trust, facilitating resolution of difficult issues with complete discretion. She is highly effective in working through the complex and often emotionally-charged issues faced by any company.” 

Joe Williams 
Former Chairman & CEO 
Wisenberg Insurance + Risk Management 

“Marilyn is one of few professionals with the breadth of skills that span organizational consulting, executive coaching, and mental health treatment. She is also a seasoned trainer on many aspects of behavioral science…. She is well recognized for her creativity and problem solving skills. Known for her dedication to see any project through, she applies herself with sensitivity, resourcefulness, and dedication to the responsibilities and demands set before her. Her intelligence and broad experience provide her with the ability to take a systems view in the appraisal of and response to various organizational dilemmas.” 

Jeffrey P. Christie, LMSW-ACP, CEAP 
Manager, Employee Assistance Program (Former) 
Halliburton Company 

Marilyn, I want to thank you for your support and coaching these past few years. As you know, I stepped into a challenging new role without really understanding the world I was entering. Through your thoughtful coaching, you helped me “see” myself in light of the new expectations. You helped me realize I was carrying around a somewhat flawed script in my head about who I was as a manager and leader. You helped me sort through what was real and what was not, and as a result, I am now more confident and successful in all of the roles I play in life. I’m a better leader and SERVS is a better organization. You played an important role in our success. Thank you, 

Mike Meadors 
SERVS- Director (Former) 
Alyeska Pipeline Service Corp. 

"Marilyn excelled at executive coaching and developing teams. She was especially effective in helping them develop planning skills or consider strategic options. She was highly effective managing transitions and interventions during periods of uncertainty and change. She helped our management team become a tighter unit. She was excellent at helping people weather significant changes, adapt, and make successful transitions. She was highly effective in resolving conflicts, setting directions and suggesting goals."  

Brian Schroeder 
HR Director (Former) 
Anheuser-Busch (Houston) 

(Notice put in local Shopette paper)  
GET SOME ZZZ’s. BUSINESS OWNERS AND MANAGERS: when the stress of running a company-no matter how big or small- keeps you up at night, you need a confidant on your speed dial! Might I suggest Marilyn Rumsey of Alternative Paths? Marilyn has been an asset to the Shoppette. She’s taken a newborn idea and immature business practices and turned them around to insure this small business continues to grow financially. Marilyn's input has been invaluable. She looked into my practices patiently and efficiently and noted what needed to be ironed out, changed, or simply omitted. ..Marilyn can be a counselor for you and your team as well. If there is conflict to be smoothed, she’ll pin point it and advise the steps to take to get you and your employees back on track. Don’t spend another night aggravated! If you are like me, you have probably invested way too much time and money (not to mention too much of yourself) to settle for anything less than a successful and satisfying business! 

Jennifer Harris,  
Owner, Shoppette; Wichita Falls 

  • Internal Behavioral Health Consultant 
Dept. of Defense 


Lilli Friedland, Ph.D., A.B.P.P. 
Trusted advisor to executives 
Marilyn demonstrates a deep knowledge of the field and a wonderful capacity to be able to connect with and influence clients. 
October 6, 2013, Lilli worked directly with Marilyn at Dept of Defense 
  • Founder and CEO 
Alternative Paths, Inc 

Beth Cooper, Director at Beth M. Cooper, Ph.D.,ABPP
Marilyn is bright, quick and incisive. She is very creative and exudes a positive empowering energy. Her warm engaging manner encourages her clients to try new behaviors in a safe and supportive environment.  
January 7, 2015, Beth was with another company when working with Marilyn at Alternative Paths, Inc